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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Why is Alder Hey so Intent on Killing Alfie? Two Motives Suggested...

...and let's face it, it's always about power and/or money!

Robert Moynihan from Inside the Vatican suggest the following from a contact:
Wednesday, April 25, 2018

And now, a blogger's chilling theory...

Canon Lawyer Ed Peters Says Alder Hey's Statement on Alfie Deserves the Josef Goebbels Award!

Josef Goebbels with Hitler in the Fuhrerbunker
where he and his wife Magda later killed their
six children and themselves.
Here's Peters' tweet:
That April 24 statement from Alder Hey "Hospital" on little Alfie, it deserves the 2018 Josef Goebbels Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Propaganda, for its making child murder sound like kindness.
Read the statement from hospital, a whining claim about how much they care about Alfie and his family and how THEY are the victims of such meanness from those who disagree with their murderous treatment of Alfie Evans and his family. Get out your crying towel. You'll need it when you read about the "difficult time" they've had which has been "hard to bear." Oh, and the "abuse" their staff has suffered. Of course there's not one word about the abuse of little Alfie and his parents. Welcome to the newspeak world of Alder Hey.

Alfie's Treatment is a Warning; This is the New "Palliative Care," The "Third Path" to Euthanasia

Life Tree has an interesting and enlightening article about the Third Path, which is a method of "passive euthanasia" that encourages people to reject even ordinary treatment (food and water and ordinary medication) to bring about death. If people don't choose it, however, there's often a creative way to impose it. Here's a bit from the article:
“Under traditional medical ethics, the guiding principle is ‘do no harm.’ But contemporary bioethics abandons this…in an effort to find the utilitarian goal of the ‘greatest good for the greatest number.’ Under these principles, preserving the life of the human patient is not considered paramount.”

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

So Now It's Starvation for Alfie. He Just Refuses to Die Fast Enough for the Modern Dr. Mengeles!

Tom Evans earlier today. He continues to fight for Alfie.
We've seen dehydration and starvation used many times to kill people whose lives are considered not worth living. Often it's combined with the morphine drip. This is the new "palliative care" to make sure people die and die relatively quickly.

Watch Tom Evans speak about what they are doing to his little son.

This is barbaric! These "doctors" put one in mind of Dr. Mengele.

Why are they so determined that this little boy die? He has no brain left the doctors say.

WHERE IS QUEEN ELIZABETH? Doesn't Alfie deserve the same protection as the new royal grandson?

Isn't Alfie the royal baby in his family?
Doesn't he deserve the same care and protection
the new royal grandson would receive?
UPDATE 3:45 p.m: Judge Anthony Haydn refuses to let baby Alfie be taken abroad. His name will go down in history with those of the Nazi judges who committed crimes against humanity! ALFIE MUST DIE by judicial fiat!

An effort is on petitioning Queen Elizabeth for intervention for Baby Alfie.

Would the new royal grandson be treated the same way Alfie is and receive the same neglect and efforts to delivery bring about his death?

Would doctors and judges impose their values on the royal family as they do with British commoners and nobodies?

Pray for a Miracle: Alfie Continues to Breathe on His Own!

Alfie continues to breathe on his own!
World Watches as little Alfie Evans continues to breathe without the ventilator. Edward Pentin reports
that the Italian government has plane ready to fly Alfie to Italy where he's been given Italian citizenship


Alfie's dad continues to fight for his son giving us an example of a manly father's love for his child. Before the ventilator was turned off he made this statement reported by LifeSiteNews:
He said that if the hospital’s actions result in the death of his son, he will sue everyone involved for "murder."
“But if my son dies now, I will instruct lawyers to start private prosecution of every single person who helps to make that happen,” he said.

It's Official: The State Owns Your Children and Can Do Anything They Want With Them

We're in a courtroom. You and millions of other parents sit at the defense table arguing that parents, by the authority of God, have the right to make decisions for their children. The state's authority, you argue, derives from God and He has given the primary right of decision-making for children to parents.

The prosecution team at the other table leaps up in unison to object. God has no place in this trial. The parents are out of order. 

The judge sustains the objection and orders the parents not to bring God into the courtroom.

Monday, April 23, 2018

From Robert Moynihan: Alfie's Last Hour -- Legal Murder by the "Post God" Culture

Monday, April 23, 2018

Alfie's Last Hour

As I write, at noon Rome time, Alfie Evans has one hour to live. 

His breathing tube will be removed at 1 p.m. Rome time. [and he will be chemically suffocated]

But this letter is not just about Alfie's life — supremely valuable as the life of any individual human being is.

It is about the life of our whole civilization, which stands before the moment of its condemnation.

The Consequences of Not Listening: A History Lesson for Our Elected Leaders to Commemorate the Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775

Barre was an Irish soldier in the
English army and a renowned
member of Parliament, noted by
HoraceWalpole for his"very
classic and eloquent diction."
A recent article in The Wanderer by Terence P. Jeffrey presented a fascinating bit of British history that directly relates to our country's beginning. He described a disagreement in Parliament between Col. Isaac Barre, a veteran of the French and Indian War wounded at the Battle of Quebec, and Charles Townsend, a politician who became Chancellor of the Exchequer and was responsible for the detested"Townshend Acts," a series of laws imposing taxes on the American colonies, the first of which was the Stamp Act of 1765. 

The Stamp Act required the colonists in America to purchase stamps for every printed document: newspapers, legal notices, ships' manifests, in fact, every commercial transaction. The money was to be used for troops to defend and protect the American frontier. Despite the use of the money, the real objection to the Act was the fact that it was imposed without the input of the colonial legislatures themselves. Hence the motto: "No taxation without representation."

During the debate in Parliament over the Stamp Act on February 6, 1765, Barre gave this sensible advice to the members of the House of Commons:

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Meditation for Sunday: When Man Replaces God, He Creates a Nightmare of Evil!

Are we condemned to repeat the evils of the past?
It's Earth Day. No doubt you're thinking of ways to make the earth a better place. I'm all for that, so let's take a little walk down one ugly path of history so we won't repeat it.

Did you know that the German government under Adolf Hitler murdered 300,000 aryan German citizens before it organized the mass killing of Jews? The German euthanasia program (Aktion T4) preceded the mass extermination of the Jews and other ethnic groups by two years. Hitler's personal doctor, Karl Brandt, organized the program the purpose of which was to eliminate undesirable populations in German society. Those with congenital health problems, the mentally ill, the retarded, even World War I amputees were targeted for death. Why? For a whole myriad reasons: eugenics, reducing the welfare budget, cost effectiveness, etc. all wearing the mask of compassion claiming the desire to reduce suffering.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fired Feminist Pro-Abort Instigates Attack on Steubenville Colleagues

Rebecca Bratten Weiss
Pro-Abort Feminist Idealogue
From Church Militant TV April 19, by Christine Niles:
STEUBENVILLE, Ohio ( - Alumni of the Franciscan University  of Steubenville [All three of them!] launched an attack against conservative professors at the Catholic school, but inside sources claim a fired professor is behind the move.
An open letter published by "alumni and friends" of the university accuses Professors Anne Hendershott and Stephen Krason, among others, of being "strongly ideologically aligned with the far right of American politics." As proof, the letter cites articles authored by Hendershott and Krason calling out liberal Catholic schools, leftist protests, Obama policies and feminism. 

Counting Calories: An Exercise in Self Awareness and Accountability

We found this snail in the garden, Grandma.
We think it moves faster than you do! 
I've never paid much attention to my weight and have rarely dieted in my life. During Advent and Lent I've often given up sweets, alcohol, between meal snacks, and other calorie-laden goodies. I once gave up chocolate for an extended period for one of my children who was going through a hard time.

But I decided after my annual physical two weeks ago that I really need to drop some pounds because I'm exhausted all the time and the extra weight is no doubt a big reason. I decided I needed to get serious about it.

It's frustrating because I pretty much eat the way I always have: three meals a day and only a rare snack with a cup of decaf tea and honey in the evening. (Honey is a sleep aid and it really works for me.)  But being on prednisone for 18 months and the natural, metabolic slowdown from age seems to have reset my metabolism to that of a snail.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Twitter Discriminates against Young Adult with Down's Syndrome

Charlotte (Charlie) Fien's account was locked for 24 hours!


Because she posted pro-life photos on her Twitter page.

This young woman is an activist defending the rights of those with Down's Syndrome. She's spoken before the U.N. She's also worked to help the Irish people keep their laws protecting babies in the womb.

Read more here and check out her testimony at the U.N. Go, Charlie!

There's more than one way to abuse a child!

Jazz has serious problems including binge eating.
In my last post I referred to little Alfie Evans and the doctors' concerted effort to kill him by pulling his ventilator. But there are other ways to abuse and "kill" children. One of the worst is the politically correct way many are dealing with the illness of gender dysphoria. And, yes, it is an illness.

An endocrinologist evaluates I Am Jazz, the propaganda book for kids who have gender dysphoria. 

Dr. Michael Laidlaw provides a real service in analyzing one of the most popular books being pushed by transgender activists. He begins with an important point:

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Will Pope Francis be a (Grand)Papa to Little Alfie Evans?

Little Alfie Evans deserves a chance to live!
Father of Alfie Evans meets with pope, pleads for asylum in Italy

As the culture of death zooms in on the sickest members of our human family, we need voices to stand up and speak out. And so I was glad to see these stories about Pope Francis meeting with little Alfie Evans' dad and speaking clearly about the evil of abandoning the sickest and most helpless among us: