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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

States' Rights: The Last Bulwark against the Evil Empire!

Barack Obama has been using his pen and his phone for eight years working to transform our country into a one-world global community marked by perversity and "diversity." Hillary hopes to continue the demolition with immigration as the beachhead promising a range of goodies to by votes, goodies that we cannot afford and cannot sustain. How many states now have areas infiltrated by Muslim "refugees" demanding recognition of their religion in the schools and calling for Sharia Law?

Monday, October 24, 2016

VA State Delegate Bob Marshall Makes the Case for Trump

Put that child down, you crude devil.
Send in a holy fireman to the rescue!
Bob Marshall is a pro-life Catholic, an astute politician, and a personal friend. He's fought for the little ones in the womb his entire life, even before he entered politics. I hope those Catholics who plan to sit out the election will change their minds for the sake of our future. We need firefighters not critics with molotov cocktails.

Delegate Bob Marshall: Conservatives and Christians - Please Don’t Elect Hillary!

This paragraph was particularly compelling:
I understand the reluctance of some conservatives to vote for Trump.  But in the practical world, would we impose a “purity” test on a fireman before he saves our home or a police officer before he saves a life?  NO!
Our country is on fire! It is being systematically destroyed by an atheistic liberalism that is imposing every diabolical idea in the imagination of man, stirred up by the deceiver and implemented by a corrupt woman who has made a career of killing babies, advancing gender insanity, and enriching herself. While people hyperventilate over Trump's crude talk, Hillary's immoral assault on a little 12-year-old raped by a client she knew was guilty is ignored. This is standing for women?

Guest Post: Queen Hillary to be Dethroned

Government of the queen, by
 the queen and for the queen!
By David Martin 

Against the spirit of liberty and democracy, Hillary Clinton seeks to be a little queen, who says, "I am, and there is none else besides me." (Isaiah 47:8) However, she is failing to realize that she is going up against someone who far exceeds her abilities, and who is far more beloved among the American people.

Americans should encourage themselves in knowing that their support for Donald Trump places them on the winning team. The facts speak for themselves. Trump has twice the amount of followers on Facebook as Hillary, with Trump having received 10,174,358 likes, compared to Hillary's 5,385,959 likes. Trump has 10.7 million followers on Twitter, compared to 6.1 million followers for Hillary. According to the Washington Examiner, 41 percent of Hillary's twitter followers are not even real people. Trump averages 30,000 viewers per live stream, while Clinton averages 500 viewers per live stream. On Reddit Trump has 197,696 subscribers, while Hillary has only 24,429 subscribers. We can understand now why Hillary has been paying people to support her online, as was revealed by the DNC's leaked emails from Wikileaks.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Proof that the Project Veritas Tapes are Absolutely True

Can the U.S. survive these two?
You've seen the rigged election videos from Project Veritas. You've heard CNN imply they are edited and misleading. Check the facts in the video below showing that none of the bragging film footage from DNC operatives is "just talk." You can see them for yourselves in email discussions and on camera disrupting Trump events. You can see the payment documents outlining the money paid out and the ad for actors experienced in fighting. You can see the phone records, and the White House visit lists showing these folks actually have significant contact with the principles.

MuslimFest! Yay! (?)

Buy a hijab and look
everyone else! Muslim!
Do you think that European cities are having MuslimFests in France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium? Maybe England?

Canada is indoctrinating Canadians into Islam to the point where Toronto Islamist, Taha Ghayyer, said “It is certainly possible to implement Sharia Law in North American society.”  

But then it would not be a North American society OF North America, even though it was IN North America. It would be an Islamic society IN North America carrying out Islam's primary goal to turn the entire globe and all its people of every race and religion into Muslims under Sharia law and Islam's god, Allah. (And all food would be Halal, that is sacrificed to Allah. There would be no liquor, beer, pork, barbecue ribs, bacon, pork chops and so on down the line unless it was in accordance with Islamic culture, Sharia law, Muhammad and Allah.)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Trashing of the West: What Hillary Supports

If Hillary wins look at what's coming to Washington, D.C.; NYC; Miami, FL; and other major cities. It's the battle of Lepanto all over again with the Muslims invading former Christian countries with the goal of a universal caliphate. And, sadly, the Catholic Church is enabling the invasion bought by government money to resettle the "refugees" who are mostly young men of military age.

Patricia Smith, Mother of Benghazi Victim Gives Emotional Speech at Republican Convention

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hope for the Future: An Essay from Une Femme who Happens to be my Granddaughter

My granddaughter, Mia, was confirmed in May and recently wrote about her experience. As I read her essay, I felt a surge of hope for the future. I know God is pleased with young Catholics like Mia who are not afraid to publicly profess her faith and share it with others. At fourteen she is an aide to the second grade CCD teacher in her parish. Every week she shares about a saint offering heroes to her young charges. We were chatting this morning about various ways to bring alive her saint stories in ways the children will remember. Please pray for Mia and all of the children of the Church who represent her future. While the world is dark indeed there are many candles lighting up the darkness. 

A Fire I Won’t Put Out
by Mia Doyle

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bullying Women: Project Veritas Shows Another Dirty Trick from the DNC

Keep in mind, folks, as you watch the videos below, that these strategies are exactly the kind of mob actions fomented by the Communists and Alinskyite socialists. Note in the second CNN video that the thugs organizing the actions are now claiming it was all just talk, but there are individuals in the videos who were the actual agitators.

O'Keefe is exposing the underbelly of the beast. The media is mostly ignoring it, but as the videos continue to be released that will be more and more difficult.

Let's make all of this go viral. Watch and share these videos. Expose the corrupt Democrat machine for what it is -- a bunch of thugs who will go to any extreme to accomplish their goals including rigging elections by registering the dead and busing "voters" from one polling place to another to vote multiple times.

Build a Community of Civility to Sustain Intellectual and Moral Life

Catholic homeschooling families:
 monasteries against the new dark ages
I've been catching up on my Wanderer reading since I got back from our Canadian trip and this morning I read an excellent article, Bouleversement by Deacon James H. Toner from the July 21st edition. (I couldn't find it online, but you can buy a copy at The Wanderer website. I'm saving mine; it's that good.)

The word bouleversement means:
turmoil and convulsion; it points to an inversion of things, especially a violent one; but it also suggests confusion and convulsion; it suggests a forceful overthrow of what we know.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hillary's Secret Plan to Fill the Government's Empty Coffers?

We have a plan 4 u.
The entire universe heard and saw live on TV two-faced Hillary's hypocritical disconnect on abortion and choice. (It's only a choice for some, but not for others.)

During tonight’s 3rd Presidential Debate while discussing Supreme Court Justices who might overturn Roe vs Wade, Hillary was adamant that the “government has no place in a woman’s decision on abortion. It’s a very intimate decision and the government has no place in it.”

Yet Hillary wants that same government to continue its HHS Mandate forcing Americans to violate their conscience by providing abortions to those women whose right it apparently is not to have the government not allowing them to kill their child.

In other words, Hillary, a prime example of a two-faced hypocrite, double deals with the rights of the American people to make their own decision on abortion. She is resolute and unyielding when it comes to women and choice, but the Catholic Church, the Little Sisters of the Poor, Priests for Life, Catholic colleges and universities, Catholic employees and anyone else opposed to dismemberment of a baby in the womb, must be forced to violate their conscience and agree to the mortal sin of abortion or else be jailed, sued or fined enormous sums of money.

Possibly this blood money is Hillary’s secret plan to fill the government’s bleeding empty coffers?

You Need to Know This About Hillary Clinton